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A virtual collaboration platform that connects you to your customers and field staff with video streaming, real-time assignment management, online payments and much more.

Livegenic provides the most flexible and configurable suite of native apps and browser-based mobile solutions to suit your workflows. Inspect remotely without leaving the office and collaborate in real-time with customers, adjusters and field inspectors for faster, more accurate inspections.

Get the right information first time, every time with Livegenic.

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Solutions to collaborate & inspect in real-time.

Browser-based solutions

Customer Portal

Enjoy instant collaboration with no downloads, apps, or logins required. The Customer Portal is the fastest way to collaborate with your customers or field resources, providing live photo and video streaming, guided offline photo capture, and direct document uploads – all through the web browser on their device.

Self Service Portal

The Self Service Portal is an easy-to-use web app that enables customers to conduct an entire virtual inspection at their own pace by providing dynamic visual guidance based on the details of their specific claim, including text instructions, image examples, and short-answer questionnaires.

App-based solutions

MyClaim App

The ultimate self-inspection solution for your customers. MyClaim provides a full suite of collaboration and documentation tools in a single mobile app. Customers can document their losses in any environment with both live and offline photo & video recording, upload documents and files directly to their case, and view workflow-specific onscreen instructions at any time.

Enterprise App

A comprehensive onsite inspection tool for your adjusters, inspectors, and investigators. Enterprise allows your field teams to capture live or offline photos and videos; receive, create, and manage case files; and review all collected documentation. Use onscreen instructions and live video collaboration to help your newest adjusters inspect with confidence, and enable seasoned professionals to get the job done faster and easier with one-touch PDF photo reports, document exchange, and assignment management.

Web Portal

The Web Portal is mission control for your case management, collaboration and review. It’s the heart of the Livegenic ecosystem, and provides your teams with a simple, powerful platform to manage cases, deliver assignments, and access collected documentation – in addition to a host of reports, dashboards, and other tools.


Why Livegenic?

  • Integrate with the Wilbur SaaS platform to turbo charge your inspections and workflows.
  • Suitable for many use cases including pre-loss survey, claim assessments, QA of repairs, real estate inspections and more.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with more convenience and time savings.
  • Spend less time coordinating inspections with your field staff or waiting days for loss documentation.
  • Create greater field staff efficiency.
  • Faster inspections lead to shorter cycle time.
  • Reduce fraud with more accurate inspections.
  • Avoid exposure risk of face-to-face interactions (e.g. Covid-19).
  • Eliminate costly travel expenses and adjustor fees.
  • Benefit from cross-through integrations with Guidewire, Hyland OnBase, Salesforce and other major platforms.
  • Get started in as little as 24 hours with a simple onboarding and implementation process.
  • Full vetting and security certificates including SOC2 and GDPR.
  • Platform agnostic – configurable to any workflow or system, connecting all activities, documentation and parties in one platform.

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