Property Claims Services

Our priority is to get your customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claim Central manages insurance claims on behalf of some of the largest insurers in Australia, South Africa, the United States, Italy and New Zealand – across Property Repair and Restoration. We do this for residential, commercial, industrial and strata properties.

Our property services provide end-to-end claims and supply chain management that focuses on CQL:

  • Cost control
  • Quality improvement
  • Lifecycle reduction


A new model of claims management: happier policyholders, better results for insurers

Based on constant feedback from insurers and brokers, we have taken the best of all available models to bring together specialist Insurance, Claims Management and Building knowledge, underpinned by our industry-leading procurement and collaboration technology ClaimLogik.



The result is an all-encompassing, flexible, transparent and scalable model which reduces claims cost and lifecycles, resulting in happier policyholders. Our network of over 1,000 service providers allows us to undertake repairs at short notice for catastrophe events in any location.

Our services include:


Insurers and policyholders find great benefit in being able to allocate claims to Claim Central for BOTH Property Repair and Restoration, as it creates a single point of contact that speeds up the claim process and improves accuracy.

Property Repair

Claim Central manages the property repair experience from FNOL through to completion. This includes triage, make safe, assessment and management of trades to conduct the repairs, and all interaction with the policyholder to make their experience as positive as possible.


Restoration or remediation works can minimise the extent of structural repairs required, which in turn decreases the cost of the claim for the insurance company and the length of time the customer is inconvenienced by the event (such as a storm) that has happened.

Through our subsidiary company Benpower Restoration, Claim Central Consolidated offers a full range of emergency response, mitigation and restoration services for residential, commercial and industrial claims. This includes damage such as water, fire, mould, industrial machinery, sewage and malicious.

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How We Are Revolutionising Property Claims

We have managed more than 72 major weather events and catastrophes on behalf of leading insurers globally.

Our innovative model for property damage and restoration management is underpinned by our digital claims ecosystem that reduces average claims cost, reduces average claims lifecycle and improves the policyholder experience.

Our transparent and streamlined processes provide total claim handling and supply chain management, performance monitoring and cost control for our partners.

How we are revolutionising property claims:

  • Lower cost adjustment processes using live video solutions and experienced technicians to conduct property appraisals
  • Four levels of downward cost pressure
  • Settlement based on actual repair costs
  • Competitive tendering of repair projects
  • Strong relationships with suppliers for discounts on materials
  • Digital claims platform connecting all parties in a claim, creating transparency and visibility
  • Real-time monitoring of policyholder satisfaction, quality and supplier performance

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