Mobile Handset Claims

Claim Central offers personalised solutions, focused expertise and customer centric service when it comes to mobile handset claims.

The Challenge

Damaged mobile device claims are frequent and are classified as “fast track claims” with relataively low cost value. Contemporary mobile devices however have high costs to replace . This claims process is left to the insured customer, who demands the claim be settled at replacement value, which impacts the loss ratio negatively.

Our challenge is to get the mobile device submitted and repaired in an acceptable timeframe for the customer. Limiting the inconvenience of being without a mobile device is a non-negotiable to mitigate against customer dissatisfaction.

Current mobile phone replacement costs are unsustainablewith little or no fraud control process.

The Solution

Through our unique combination of process and technology, claims costs are reduced on two fronts while simultaneously providing an excellent claim experience for all parties.

  • Our dedicated and highly qualified personal claims handlers take accountability for the claim from start to finish, while keeping the customer updated.
  • We focus on quickly repairing where possible, through our partnerships with manufacturer-approved repairers.
  • Vital digital facts are captured, stored and digitally labelled with a time, date and geo-location before and after the repairs of the device.
  • Through our Livegenic video streaming and collaboration platform, our repair partners show us the damage and explain the quote to our desktop assessors. Should the mobile device be uneconomical to repair, it is passed on to a tendering process for replacement (or insurer’s procurement process), thereby ensuring the correct action can be taken in a timely manner.

The Unique Benefit

This claims experience is driven by a balance between the best interest of loss ratios and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, claims costs are reduced on two fronts:

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