About Claim Central

“We exist to make insurance claims easier for insurers and policyholders.”

Claim Central Africa began operating in 2018 after a joint venture between Claim Central Consolidated (Sydney headquartered, founded 2002) and Global Choices (Johannesburg headquartered).

The primary focus of our business is to compliment Global Choices’ assistance services with award winning claims technology to ensure a seamless consumer experience whilst ensuring constant claims cost management, BBBEE focused procurement management and reducing operational expenses for insurers, brokers and UMA’s. 

We provide a transparent and simple claims management solution for property, geyser, motor and mobile handset claims in South Africa. Our claims services are underpinned by our remote inspections and digital claims platforms, enabling us to do what others in the industry cannot match.

  • Claim Management Services – We manage the insurance repairs for property & geyser, motor and mobile handset claims from first notification of loss, right through to completion.
  • Insurance Technology – We use and license our proprietary remote inspections and claims management platforms to make this process as transparent, fast and low cost as possible.
  • Data Insights – We use the data insights from our technology to drive continual improvement for our clients.

Our solutions enable significant game-changing results for your business including:

  • Reduced claim costs
  • Ensures your business makes use of BEE certified Service Providers
  • Improved quality of claims handling and day-to-day operations
  • Reduced claim lifecycles
  • Better policyholder claim experiences


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