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We’re the leaders in conquering everyday disruption, wherever it arises. Whether it’s insurance claims, repairs, maintenance, or any other disruption, Wilbur gets your customers back to normal faster. Our suite of flexible, modular and connectable platforms help you connect the dots earlier to find the right solution – delivering better outcomes for everyone, at scale.

Built from over 20 years of on-the-ground experience, Wilbur empowers you to plan, capture, administrate and manage any disruption to minimise the inevitable impact.

For the seen and the unforeseen. For the predictable and the unpredictable. Where there’s Wilbur, there’s a way.

Claim Suite by Wilbur is a suite of modular and configurable solutions that help you plan, capture, administer and manage your insurance claims to get your customers back to normal faster.


Manage your claims from start to finish.

A claims management platform that administers your claims from start to finish, easily integrating into your existing core systems and workflows. Configurable to almost any line of business.

Collaborate in real-time with live video streaming and more.

A virtual collaboration platform that connects you to your customers and field staff for faster and more accurate inspections with video streaming, online payments, digital signing and much more.

Connect to suppliers, technologies and solutions in our ecosystem.

An assignment management tool that connects you to the Wilbur Exchange - a marketplace of best-in-class suppliers, technologies and solutions that get your customers back to normal faster.

Access a high quality and trusted supplier network for repairs.

A pre-vetted, high performing, compliant network of on-site property mitigation and repair providers that use our proven repair workflow for best results.

Outsource virtual and field inspections for almost any claim type.

A solution for both virtual and field inspections that connects a pre-vetted, high performing, compliant network of suppliers with technologies in the Exchange, to facilitate better inspections in less time.

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